ART-Ls Consulting has 20 years of experience in the organization of exhibitions, in promoting young artists and as a broker of sellers and buyers of artwork for Greek and foreign artists.

Among others ART-Ls has organized the following exhibitions:





2 - 31 August
              «Material Links», ÌïCA, Shanghai,  .

13 October  – 7 December , 2008
              «Material Links», Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki,

20 December 2008 - 22 January 2009
              «Material Links»  , Athens,  «Texnopolis»

1997 Art New York International: “With Solange Landau Fine Art”, Pier 92, New York

1995 Gallery “Ekfrasi”, Thessaloniki: “Proposals in Contemporary Greek Art


Yeni-Tzami, Archeological Museum, Thessaloniki, “Stamos Sculptures



National Gallery, Alexandros Soutzos Museum, Athens-Greece “Andy Warhol- A Retrospective”.
Municipal Pinacotheque, Pier House1, Municipality of Thessaloniki-Greece,
“Andy Warhol-A Retrospective”.


Vorres Museum, Athens-Greece, “Bernard Buffet”.
Eugenia Gucalon Gallery, New York, “Stamos”.


Macedonian Museum for Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki-Greece, “Varotsos”.
Zyros Gallery, Washington DC, “Angelos”.

At the same time ArtLs runs a Elounda Art-ls Gallery at Ålounda Mare Hotel, Ålounda Crete, Greece.
With Greek and foreign artists.

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